15 Crazy People Who Photoshopped Reality Itself And Made Life Uncanny

You know, there’s Photoshop, and everything that goes with it. But then there are people who are the real-life version of Photoshop. They are walking, talking, breathing versions of their Photoshopped selves.

Not sure what I’m talking about? No worries, reality is soon going to slam you in the face faster than you can… copy & paste. Just scroll down and meet these people who are almost too fabulous to function (thanks, Diply. Kind of).

1. This girl’s friend, for example. Like, she managed to not just Photoshop reality, but basically turn it into a video game.


Twitter | @melyychula

2. NOT Photoshopped. Real. Yup. Don’t ask me how. I just wonder what happens when he goes to bed, but I guess this guy never sleeps.


Imgur | l2oom8

3. I warned you about getting slammed in the face with this messed up reality. You didn’t listen.


Reddit | StartSelect

4. Good, it’s makeup art, instead of tattoos.


Instagram | @dayvons.girl

5. A good indicator of answering the question “Are you capable of obeying orders?”


Instagram | @realpettymay0

6. This guy who can sleep practically anywhere you put him. I kinda want to be him. Sniff.


Instagram | @realpettymay0

7. It looks nifty, but what is its purpose, exactly? What happens when you wanna scratch your nose?


Instagram | @punlifestyle

8. Doggy has a cute little swimming hat!


Instagram | @hilarious.ted

9. Just a matter of time until she pokes someone’s eye out. Or her own eye. You know, there’s an itch and whoops, OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED I AM BLIIIIINNNDDD


Lilly Nails

10. This happens when you drink too much.


Instagram | @toadfromario

11. Of all fictional characters that exist, this girl decided to turn herself into Lois Griffin. Should I start yelling “Mom”?


Twitter | @itsjustbambii

12. Those shoes look very cool, actually.


Twitter | @ohthatzCam

13. Great. She turned her face into a cheeto. Now I want to lick her eye. Here, I’ll call 911 myself.


Instagram | @_annabarrera

14. This egg is prettier than my girlfriend. S**t, I have to smash it now!


Instagram | @veronavanity

15. Hey, you’re getting married, so why not turn yourself into a cotton candy dispenser while at it?


Instagram | @fantastticgirls