You know how fashion shows feature bizarre styles coming down the runway, and you just know that nobody in their right mind would wear such a thing?

Well, sometimes, fashion companies don’t get the memo and actually sell these insane pieces to the public, and honestly, I’m confused.

1. No, you’re not seeing double (or in this case, triple).

ASOS has released “Triple Waistband Jeans” that I imagine only the biggest of fashionistas could pull off.

I know I could never rock these, even with all of the confidence in the world. I’m dizzy just looking at them.

2. Peculiar jeans are not out of the norm for a lot of fashion retailers these days.

Topshop attempted to sell what they called “MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans.”

Based on their sale price (was £55.00, now £10.00), something tells me these pants weren’t flying off the shelves.

3. You can’t blame Topshop for at least trying to be creative.

But I just can’t with these “Clear Knee Mom Jeans.”

I mean, at least we’re getting better coverage here, but it doesn’t make them any less tacky to wear in public.

4. Opening Ceremony was selling these jeans for a cool $460.

They tried to make detachable jeans happen, and even celebs like Gigi Hadid were seen wearing the style, but I don’t think your average Joe is ready for the future of fashion just yet.

5. The Zipper Jeans by Reformation are a little less steep, coming in at $148.

But we still can’t get past the bizarre zipper placement. It’s a functioning zipper that literally runs from the top of the waistband, down through the crotch area, and up the backside. Why???

6. If you’ve ever wanted to own a pair of muddy jeans without having to actually roll around in the dirt, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Pick up your very own pair at Nordstrom, today!

7. Neiman Marcus was selling a pair of “Future Destroyed High-Top Sneakers” for $1,425.

They literally remind me of the days when I used to get brand new sneakers for school, and I would purposefully rough them up outside to make them look used. My mom hated my guts for it.

Twitter | @Yvonne1teach

8. Gucci was selling this one-of-a-kind creation, known as the “sock sandal.”

The description reads, “Add a little something extra to your look with a streamlined take on the sock-with-sandals trend that highlights glossy finishes and luscious red leather.”

Unfortunately, it’s sold out. Shoot.

9. If you’re trying to shop for some fun running shoes, ASOS might not be your first stop.

Their “trainers” warn customers that they’re not suitable for sports.

What’s weird is that on the brand description, it reads, “whether you’re running, raving, or training…” so we’re confused.

10. This Twitter user was seemingly doing some swimsuit shopping when she came across one interesting design by ASOS.

Except, it advised against being worn in the water. So, like, what’s the truth?

Twitter | @AGlasgowGirl

It’s also dry clean only, and I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous.

Other Twitter users completely agreed and thought that the swimsuit had incredibly high standards.

Twitter | @InnerLambada

11. Apparently, swimsuits that can’t get wet is a thing.

House of CB sells a different swimsuit that also has a warning on their website, telling consumers not to get it wet. I just???

12. Ladies and gentlemen, what you are looking at is the Teva and UGG hybrid.

The two companies got together and created what they’re calling something “familiar, yet remarkably different.”

You got that right.


13. For some reason I can’t explain, Ikea fashion became a thing, seemingly overnight.

Some people loved it, others thought it was absolutely bonkers. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Twitter | @Talialovdal

14. This little ensemble is being sold as the “denim waist belt.”

For $405, you can look like your denim has been “sliced from the top of your favorite jeans.” Neat!

15. Trendy patterns aside, the RompHim is something you can expect to see popping up in retail stores just in time for the summer.

And I’m so, so sorry.

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