Humor is everywhere, whether you see it or not. You can find it even in the most mundane everyday tasks and on Monday mornings, too. Think about procrastination for example. How many times have you done it? Probably hundreds, but these photos will always make you laugh although it’s irresponsible to do it often. In the gloomiest days, it’s hard to get a single smile on your face, but there are things that can improve your mood and lift your spirits. That’s when the beauty of the internet shines through. Here are some pictures that will brighten your working day.

1. Happens every single time.

And I will still buy it, no matter what.

Consistently happens.

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

2. When you pay too much for something like this.

Super cute, though.

 I paid way too much for this.

Source: Instagram | @asleepinthemuseum

3. It won’t really make a difference!

Ideal texting!

 What's one more puppy?!

Source: Instagram | @animalholicc

4. Those memes that hit you hard…

The thought makes my teeth scream.

Wait, is this the most relatable meme of 2017?

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

5. Where are you, bae?

Truly every night.

 It me! It me!

Source: Instagram | @alphadanny

6. It makes me shiver

It’s happened, people! And it’s far from pretty.

Doing this to someone is a big fear of mine.

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

7. Should I learn how to hold my tongue?

Nah, you’re just fine.

 Should I learn how to hold my tongue though?

Source: Instagram | @fuckitimarobot

8. There has never been a more accurate meme than this.

Just leave us alone, people!

There has never been a more accurate meme than this.

Source: Instagram | @thetinderblog

9. Do you really need a reason?

So, when do I get my first paycheck?

Um, do you really need a reason?

Source: Instagram | @mars_aqua

10. Best dad joke ever!

Can I still drive it?

Dang, dad. That's cold.

Source: Instagram | @lsd.gopher

11. Me every single day.

That’s good organization, bro!

Me every single day.

Source: Instagram | @lsd.gopher

12. Hope his actual mailbox isn’t that full.

Are you ready?

Hope his actual mailbox ain't full.

Source: Instagram | @shecrazy9

13. I want all the food!

Let me live my hungry life in peace.


Source: Instagram | @dangflabbitjacksonreystewart

14. How dare you?

Not cool!

How dare anyone come at me like that.

Source: Instagram | @chrisvonteen

15. This makes me sad, but it’s also hilarious!

Poor grandma!

 How dare he play grandma like that?

Source: Instagram | @will_ent.tv

16. That one is mine, girl!

Get with it!

Like Brandy and Monica said...THE BOY IS MINE.

Source: Instagram | @clean_potatos