I’m not gonna sit here and write a defense of vandalism or anything, but if it’s gonna be done, why not make it interesting, cool, or funny? That kind of thing goes down a lot smoother than “your mom” being written on a park bench.

So, today, we’re looking at graffiti and destruction, but in a good way! These are the times it made the world a funnier place.

1. You’ve probably heard this argument before.

I can’t tell you exactly what that is, some kind of Homerchu, maybe, but I can tell you I like it! Perfect apartment addition.

Twitter | @AisaTheMemer

2. If only more ads took themselves less seriously and realized how ridiculous they are at times.

Yep, that seems like a quality moment right there. Makes me miss my dog.

Reddit | enfranci

3. If this is true, then this could be the coolest room on the planet!

Hey, Michael Bay, I know you read these lists. Please make this crossover happen, thank you.

Reddit | bjester

4. Well, who wouldn’t want to smell like Johnny Depp’s sausage?

This vandal was even clever enough to add something for Depp to actually look at in this shot. Bone app the teeth, Johnny!

Reddit | garistroll

5. Mom? Have you been tagging garage doors around town again?

Some graffiti artists don’t even carrot all, but this person lettuce see their message leek into society. Umm, cucumber! No, sorry.

Reddit | quakpac

6. Here’s a deep cut for anyone who had to adapt to the digital age with this little character.

Clippy was his name, and annoying the hell out of you was his game!

Reddit | HappyAsianGirl

7. And this is why I never leave the house without a package of googly eyes.

Seriously, if you knew how often they can come in handy, you’d be as surprised as this guy looks.

Reddit | LenadTheGreat

8. Hmmm, sort of breaking your own rule there, aren’t you?

I don’t think I’m alone when I say no dog should be banned from anywhere! Give the puppers back their rights!

Reddit | DynamicSammich

9. The nice thing about this park is that it doesn’t seem to age. It looks as fresh as it did in the early ’90s.

This isn’t an actual thing, but I definitely think it should be!

Reddit | Buffitron

10. Sometimes, vandalism can bring some serious results!

You gotta love the fact that they took the time to write on the post a second time, ordering them to do a proper job!

Reddit | DankDanny

11. Come on, that’s just a classic.

I don’t care who you are, if you can’t laugh at a fart joke now and then, there’s something wrong with you. That’s my stance. #StandUpForFarts

Reddit | Brandy_Bran

12. A lot of the work of a vandal/artist is looking for opportunities and taking them when you can.

This person obviously nailed theirs. That’s one earthy ‘fro you got, dude!

Reddit | a1988eli

13. “Ahhhhhh! Whaaaaaa! Arrrrrrrrrg! No, no, no, don’t move it!”

“Ahhh ghahhh bahhh goahettteeerrrr yaaaaa noooo ahhh ah ah ah ow ow ow ow ow haaahhhhhngggg errr, oow owww ow ow.”

Reddit | Leyton1323

14. Yeah, keep ’em, ya bozo!

Needless to say, this person probably isn’t the biggest McDonald’s fan. Me, on the other hand, I’ll take your fries if you don’t want ’em! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

15. Sometimes, the simplest trick is the most effective one.

I swear I’ll never be able to see the word “thanks” without instantly thinking of Tom Hanks from now on. Tom Hank you very much.

Reddit | [deleted]

16. Alright, now that’s just offensive. Look, buddy, you can’t tell me what to do!

This has got to be in Canada, right? This graffiti just seems inherently Canadian to me.

Reddit | dr_rocker_md