If you love makeup, you know it can add up.

Between wish lists, emails, and actually going into the store (gasp!), it’s not hard to drop a pretty penny on shiny new products. And if you’re anything like me, self-control is not your forte.

But luckily, shopping for what you love doesn’t have to be so expensive! We’ve rounded up 16 simple ways to help you save on your favorite Ulta goodies.

1. Buy discounted gift cards.

If you’re an avid Ulta shopper, use gift card resale websites like Raise or Gift Card Granny to score gift cards for less. It’s an easy way to save before you even hit the store!

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2. Take manufacturer coupons to Ulta to save even more.

Little know that the beauty retailer accepts some third-party coupons (ie. coupons from beauty brands, magazines, and newspapers). Just call ahead to ensure your local store accepts the coupon in question.

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3. Wait to shop 21 Days of Beauty.

Twice a year, Ulta hosts 21 days of incredible sales, all up to 50% off. If you can, hold off until the sales, which typically happen in spring and fall, to treat yo’ self.

4. Turn off your pop-up blocker.

Seriously! Ulta wants to spam you with incredible savings. Turn off your ad blocker while using their site for access to all the best deals. They’re usually short lived, so don’t miss out!

5. Sign up for Ultamate Rewards.

Take advantage of it of the system! Not only do you get extra points and a free gift on your birthday gift, but the points can be used to redeem products.

6. Double dip with your prestige coupons.

Did you know that prestige coupons (for premiere brands, not drugstore fare) come with two codes? One can be redeemed in store and the other online, which means you get to save twice!

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7. Keep your eyes open for point multipliers.

Throughout the year, Ulta offers point multipliers, allowing you to accrue points faster than you normally would. Platinum members also get 10x the points one day a year, which gets you closer to shopping for free.

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8. Rack up your points at the salon.

I mean, you need a haircut anyway, so why not do it at Ulta where you can gain extra points? Especially when those extra points can be used on makeup!

9. Gift with purchase FTW.

Did you know you can often get a free gift when you purchase certain products? Sometimes you even get to pick your freebie! Stock up on necessities and earn a few extras while you’re at it.

10. Stay plugged in.

If you’re a serious beauty or money-saving junkie, stay connected with the brand every way possible! You never know when (or where) they’ll announce a great sale, and you don’t want to miss out.

11. Refer your friends.

Ulta Beauty Inc.’s referral program is a great way for you and your friends to all win! Once they sign up, they’ll get $15 off their first salon or facial appointment, and you’ll get $15 off your next visit, too.

12. If you don’t like it, return it.

You have 60 days to return items that just aren’t for you (even if they aren’t in the best of shape). Don’t spend money on makeup that doesn’t suit, return it for something you want!

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13. Check the website for coupons frequently.

There’s an entire page of promotions and coupons on Ulta’s website. All you have to do is click and cash-in. Be sure to check back often because new deals pop up on the reg.

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14. Don’t forget to check the clearance section.

After inventory is counted, Ulta locations will drop prices on their extras. This is the place to save! Ask employees when the next inventory will be and show up bright and early the following day.

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15. Fill out an application.

Become an Ulta employee and you can save even more! Their workers get 25% off in-store items and 50% off services at the salon. Now that some serious savings.

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16. Make heavy use of your $3.50 coupon.

In the Ulta app, there’s a standing coupon where you can save $3.50 on your transaction. Keep it on your phone for savings at all times.

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