It was back in 1994, September 22, when our lives changed and were never the same again. Tv sitcom Friends first aired on NBC and years later, people still get a hankering to see what the gang are up to. The show can be really good company on sad days, a consolation after a break-up, or a fun night with old friends.  The characters were so well-developed that it was easy to relate to them. Although we said goodbye to the show on May 6th 2004, there’s still stuff to learn about the most quoted TV show ever.

1. The opening credits are misleading.

The opening shots are not Central Park, but Warner Bros studio.


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Many tourists actually believe that the Friends fountain is the Cherry Hill fountain in Central Park,  but that just ain’t the truth.


2. They travelled to Vegas before the show aired.

They wanted some time together to have fun and get to know each other. Director James Burrows treated them with this trip!


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What’s a better way to get to know each other than a trip to Vegas? In the end, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


3. They all thought Chandler was gay.

When the actors started reading the script, they all thought that Chandler’s character was gay.


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You can’t really blame them, can you?


4. Ursula existed before the show Friends did.

This character of Ursula was first portrayed on Mad About You.


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Lisa Kudrow appeared as Ursula Buffay in Mad About You for two years. Then, the writers decided to create Ursula’s twin Phebe in order to create a cross over between the two shows.


5. Bruce Willis donated his money earned on this show.

The Chandler star was convinced the movie The Whole Nine Yards would be number one at the box office in its opening weekend, and the Die Hard legend did not agree with him. Therefore, he lost the bet with Matthew Parry and the money he earned went to charity.


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Matthew won the bet, but Bruce actually landed an Emmy for the cameo.

6. Matthew Perry was addicted.

Sadly, he had an addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol.


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In his worst days, he admitted to drinking two pints of vodka a day and taking up to 30 tablets.


7. Jennifer Aniston almost didn’t do the last series.

She wasn’t sure that she wanted to be a part of the last season.


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Jennifer didn’t really feel like Rachel anymore. Thankfully, she agreed to do the final series!


8. Central Perk exists.

But not in New York. The fictional cafe has actually inspired some real ones.


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There’s one in Beijing and in Liverpool.


9. Ellen DeGeneres was supposed to play the role of Phoebe.

Sadly, however, she turned it down.


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The role had been offered to a number of high profile names during the casting process, including Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch.


10. Joey and Monica were supposed to be a couple.

It was in the original script, but it all changed.


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Can you imagine that?


11. Courtney Cox had to hide her pregnancy.

During the last series, she was pregnant but as Monica couldn’t have kids, she had to hide it.


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Also, Lisa Kudrow announced to the producers that she was pregnant in 1997. Then, the Friends executive crew came up with the idea to make her character pregnant as well.


12. It wasn’t filmed in New York.

New York fans, sorry to disappoint you!


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It was mostly filmed in California even though the whole story line was based in New York.


13. Jennifer Aniston didn’t get along with Reese Witherspoon.

She played Rachel’s sister in the show and was supposed to play six episodes.


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However, Jennifer didn’t like her very much, so she asked the producers to get rid of her.

14. Joey was supposed to be intelligent.

His character was meant to be a smart guy. However, Matt LeBlanc suggested that he play dumb instead.


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Would you change his character?


15. The network thought that Central Perk was too trendy.

NBC didn’t initially like the idea of a coffee shop as their place to meet.


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They suggested that the gang should hang out at a diner.


16. Courtney Cox was the first to say the word ‘period’ on T.V.

She did this commercial when she was younger in which she said the word ‘period’. It was the very first time the word was said on TV.


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Monica was in a rather special Tampax advert that will go down in history.


17. Matthew Perry was Courtney’s slave for five months.

He lost a bet to her (for whatever reason) and had to be her ‘slave’.

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However, we don’t know what that meant…exactly.