Have you ever had anything like these moments happen? One of those wildly unlikely, “shouldn’t happen but it does” moments? Bet you didn’t have a camera handy. Which is unfortunate, because it can really make for a cool image. Fortunately, all these folks did.

1. His race number matched the number on his shirt, his hometown zip code, and the time he took to run the race.

Can he play those numbers in the lottery?

Reddit | Sneaky-Goat

2. This person caught his own wallet in a fishing net after dropping it in a lake 20 years earlier.

Which I suppose is a good reason to keep fishing the same spot.

Reddit | -F1ngo

3. As a kid, this guy sat in the cockpit of an OH58 Kiowa helicopter and decided he wanted to be a pilot.

Twenty years later he dug up the old picture and realized he had actually been flying the very same helicopter he had posed for that picture in.

Imgur | RockYourOwnium

4. Six different guests — not bridesmaids — showed up to this wedding wearing the same dress.

Maybe the odds of such a coincidence go down if it was on clearance one week?

Facebook | Debbie Speranza

5. This butterfly landed on a picture of itself.

Maybe the butterfly fluttering by was looking for a familiar face before landing? Or familiar colors and spot patterns on wings, anyway.

Reddit | officialbearbear

6. You don’t get closer calls after a storm than this!

Not even a scratch, not the slightest dent on that car. And it would be hard to fit more than a pencil in that gap!

Reddit | superhero112

7. It’s almost like this tree was designed to not hit the car on its way down.

Still, I’m seeing some great arguments for never parking on the street again, if possible.

Reddit | pincheloca

8. These three puppies were born with sequenced spots on their backs.

No word if that was their actual birth order. “She gave birth in the middle of the night, and when we found out, all 3 were already out,” the person said.

Reddit | chaos_ej

9. The mountains on the back of this truck line up perfectly with the real mountains in the background.

Apparently it took a few tries, but the poster insists there’s no Photoshop trickery here.

Reddit | tomboski

10. A fly found out the hard way why you don’t get too close to a cactus.

It’s kinda crazy to see the cactus’ spikes in action like this, isn’t it?

Imgur | theslainman

11. You can count on your soda to explode if you leave it in the freezer, but not to find the explosion frozen, too.

That’s a seriously cool swirl! Nice pic!

Imgur | paradockz

12. While traveling through Greece, an Australian guy found half an Australian debit card that had the same numbers as his, including the expiration date, and his first name.

Just imagine the cold sweat you’d break out in, and then the sigh of relief when you find your own debit card intact.

Reddit | mortoson

13. Two Toyotas, same color, parked right next to each other, with sequential license plates.

Really, the only difference is one number and the one on the right has a roof rack. Weird!

Reddit | warshadow

14. The door on the left tells you what happened to the door on the right.

Well, there’s probably a longer story to what happened, but you have to admire a succinct sign.

Reddit | ParadiseSquared

15. Six eggs cracked into a pan, and all of them had double yolks.

Now that’s a rare and hearty breakfast! Now, if only you could find a packaging error that gives you double hash browns.

Imgur | williamfollett

16. Capturing the moment a balloon gets too much air and bursts.

Amazing, look at that thing just shred. I always thought it would have one or two rupture points, but that balloon is flying apart.

Reddit | mh00259

17. This would still be pretty good if it was a more flattering picture of Donkey, but now it’s perfect.

I’m not sure if that’s really supposed to be our takeaway from Shrek, but the Fates seem to confirm it.

Reddit |  seanmac92

18. Wow, let’s just say I really hope this one is actually a coincidence.

Whatever, I don’t think we have to worry about this. Honestly, who uses a word search to leak sensitive information?

19. I guess this is only a coincidence if the driver doesn’t work here.

Otherwise, we’re just looking at somebody who has a really good sense of humor about what they do. Either way, I’m glad it exists.

Reddit | cricketistic

20. Yup, four white vans just happened to line up this perfectly.

Am I the only one who kind of wishes that Mustang wasn’t there to break the streak? Five is a much more satisfying number than four.

Reddit | VakkudaTribe

21. Oops, it looks like something went wrong and this kid in the Darth Vader shirt was glitched away from his legs.

It’s almost like they were cut off…just like Anakin Skywalker’s right before he became Darth Vader. Spooky.

Reddit | gatting1889

22. I’m not sure what this sign was pointing at before, but its current job is obviously much more important.

Sure, that rainbow is probably a lot more than 500 feet above the sign, but let’s just let this happen.

Reddit | iveiscoo

23. They can advertise whatever they want on this bus, but it obviously has other plans.

From the day they slapped that license plate on it, any company besides KFC started facing an uphill battle here.

Reddit | Vio0204

24. I’m suddenly very glad that I don’t live in a world where Eminem never wrote that “mom’s spaghetti” line.

It’s already brought us so much joy, but it’s heartwarming to see him fulfill his destiny like that.

Reddit | bravesaint