Sushi is one of those meals that always ends up costing more than you want it to. Grab a few rolls and a seaweed salad, and you’re looking at a $30 bill, minimum. And you’re kind of hungry again two hours later. Not ideal. Luckily, making sushi at home is way cheaper, and doubles as a fun date-night/girls’-night/bored-on-a-Wednesday-night activity.

You can get a bamboo mat on Amazon for just a few bucks or use nori sheets and roll carefully with your hands. Try one of these sushi roll recipes, add a homemade salad or some edamame, and you’re good to go.

The key to a quick sushi dinner is to have the rice already made. Lay out a nori sheet and some leftover brown rice on a bamboo mat; top with avocado, cucumber, and mango slices. Carefully roll it up and slice.
If you’re looking for a version that’s lighter on starches, this recipe uses a mix of quinoa and cauliflower rice instead of white rice. Layer in cabbage, red peppers, carrot, and cucumber to make it super colorful, and add avocado for some healthy fats.
The best part about making this roll at home is controlling the fish-to-cream-cheese ratio. (Note to restaurants: A little schmear goes a long way.) Slice salmon, then layer slices of cream cheese and avocado. You can roll it up using a bamboo mat and serve with soy sauce.
Turn leftover baked sweet potatoes into a whole new meal with this SP sushi. The miso glaze is made with sesame oil, maple syrup, miso paste, and rice vinegar, and makes the roll so much more flavorful.

This roll is actually made with canned tuna, so consider it the perfect roll for wary kids or anyone who’s not so into the idea of raw fish. The spice comes from Sriracha and chili oil, but if you want to kill two birds with one stone, try Sriracha mayo.

Cucumber, sprouts, tofu or fish, and avo are all you need for a crunchy, fresh roll. Jazz it up with optional add-ins such as mango, radishes, or cashew cheese.
If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try these hand rolls. It’s a little harder to get the cone shape, but then your dinner is shaped like an ice cream cone and it’s so. worth. it. The lightened-up crunch is made from brown-rice cereal, but you can also use shredded coconut or panko.