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Until this week, DJ duo The Chainsmokers have been primarily known for their super catchy, chart-topping music. But people are slamming the group — which consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart — for making a racist joke to a Chinese interviewer.

Although the duo has since apologized for the comments, the internet is coming for Alex and Drew. When you’re a guest in another country, is it really that hard to refrain from making offensive comments based on culture or race? No, it simply isn’t. Come on, boys, you should know better.

The Chainsmokers visited China recently, and they did a promo video for Ultra China in which they gave an interview.

So, to confirm, they were visiting China, and speaking with a Chinese interviewer.

Instagram | @thechainsmokers

In the video (which has since been deleted), the interviewer asked Alex if he ever brings his dog on tour with him.

At one point, Alex answers, “Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China,” before he and Drew burst into laughter.

Instagram | @thechainsmokers

Fans and the public were outraged when the video was released, as it appeared the duo were making fun of the fact that some regions in China consume dog meat.

The Chainsmokers released an apology on their Twitter after the video was removed.

Twitter | @TheChainsmokers

Although the duo apologized, people are still voicing their anger about the disrespectful and offensive comments.

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Hopefully the boys have learned from their mistake and won’t be repeating it in the future.