The best thing about having a Netflix account is having access to hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows! But if you’re anything like me, you always settle for rewatching The Office for the thousandth time.

And rewatching actually helps, because then you get to discover new things like this specific detail in the pilot episode of The Office!

If you made it past the cringefest that was Season 1 of The Office, then you know that the show is hysterical and has a lot of heart to it.

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There was never a dull day at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.

There was always something going on! There was a fire, a casino night, a bat was flying around, someone got rabies, drama in the Party Planning Committee, and so much more.

But through it all, the one thing that remained constant during nine seasons of the show was the relationship between Jim and Pam.

People couldn’t get enough of them! PB&J was their ship name, and everybody was just sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for them to finally get together.

It’s very possible that everything was foreshadowed by a tiny detail in the pilot episode of the show!

Could the writers be that smart?


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Let’s get started, shall we?

Ever since the first episode, we saw that Jim and Pam got along really well at the office. They knew a lot about each other (she likes mixed berry yogurt!) and shared a ton of inside jokes!

Unfortunately, we also found out in the pilot episode that Jim and Pam were just friends.

In fact, at that point, Pam had been engaged for years to Roy, who worked in the warehouse.

Our first glimpse at Roy was pretty interesting.

Jim and Pam were doing their usual flirty interaction at reception, and Roy physically came in between them. It was the love triangle happening right before our eyes!

While the love triangle was the source of a lot of drama in the earlier seasons, it was eventually resolved when Jim and Pam got together.

But there was another love triangle that plagued their relationship — and it was foreshadowed in the first episode, too!

During Roy’s introduction, you can clearly see the boom mic accidentally make an appearance at the top of the screen.

But was it an accident? I mean, it could be. But remember in the later seasons when it’s revealed that the boom mic operator has feelings for Pam? This one shot shows the different love triangles!

On the show, we’ve seen Brian use the boom mic to cheer her up, to protect her, and to even flirt with her a bit.

And this obviously caused some Drama with a capital D!

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Most people really hated Brian because he was clearly introduced on the show way too late.

But the creator of the show has talked about Brian being a potential love interest before Jim. He’s been there filming, watching, listening to Pam for longer than Jim!

But now that tiny moment in the pilot doesn’t make that plotline seem that random anymore!

Or, you know, the boom mic appearance was a total mistake and the writers didn’t think about Brian until way later.

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