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I love flipping through my mom’s old yearbooks and witnessing the horror that was her ’70s and ’80s hairstyles. But then it got me thinking: What are people going to say about my hair in 20 years? Or maybe even sooner?!

Needless to say, hair trends have evolved quite a bit over time, and some of them are even coming back. Check out the most popular hairstyle from the year you were born!

1970: Long And Straight With A Center Part

Long, straight hair became popular in the late 1960s and was kept alive by the iconic Cher throughout the early 1970s. Super long hair that was parted in the center was also made popular by actress Ali MacGraw in the 1970 film Love Story.

1972: The Afro

After emerging in the ’60s as part of the black pride movement, afros continued to be popular in the ’70s with both men and women. The afro gained even more popularity after actress Pam Grier rocked her big, voluminous afro in 1974’s Foxy Brown.

1974: Shoulder-Length Sleek Waves

1974 was a big year for fashion. Vogue featured model Beverly Johnson on the cover of their August issue, which was the first time ever that Vogue had featured a black woman on its cover. Beverly’s sleek, shoulder-length waves quickly became the hairstyle of ’74 and ’75. 

1976: The Feathered Flip

It just wouldn’t have been the ’70s without the feathered flip hairstyle that emerged in the early part of the decade. This style became all the rage after Farrah Fawcett rocked the look in 1976’s Charlie’s Angels. This style was also referred to as “wings,” due to the shape the hair made on either side of the face.

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1978: The Rocker Bob

You can partly thank Debbie Harry from Blondie for making the rocker bob a popular hairstyle of the late ’70s. This style was the opposite of longer, wavier “hippie hair,” and it involved shorter, straighter, and generally messy-looking locks. 
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1980: Big, Frizzy Curls

Although long, super straight hair was the hairstyle of 1970, 1980 brought along with it a love for big, frizzy, and super curly hair. Those with naturally curly hair teased it to no end, while those without it would do anything in their power to imitate the look. Yep, you guessed it — this was the start of what led to the era of the perm.

1982: Big, Voluminous Waves

Just a few years later, tight, frizzy curls were replaced by looser waves. But don’t think for a second that this style was sleek or contained. In 1982, it was the bigger, the better. I think it’s safe to say that this was a great year for hairspray sales.

1984: The Mullet

Although musicians like David Bowie and Paul McCartney rocked mullets in the ’70s, this style wasn’t truly trendy until the mid-’80s. Mullets were popular with both men and women, and the style became instantly popular after the goddess of all goddesses, Cher, debuted the look. 

1986: Aqua Net Bangs

Ahhh, 1986, a year I’m so thankful not to have been a teenager in. Aqua Net bangs were all the rage. Their name originated from the copious amounts of Aqua Net hairspray needed to secure one’s bangs and tease the rest of your hair to scary heights. 
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1988: Perms, Perms, And More Perms

Since the ’80s were all about ginormous hair, perms continued to gain popularity throughout the decade. Stars like Whitney Houston, Cher, and Sarah Jessica Parker all rocked massive, curly hairstyles that probably took them all of the ’90s to recover from.

1990: High Ponytails And Scrunchies

1990 was a truly glorious year. In terms of hair trends, the early ’90s were all about super high ponytails paired with big scrunchies. The look was made even more popular by actresses who sported the style in shows like Full House and Saved by the Bell (both of which are iconic, might I add).

1992: Back To Smooth and Sleek

By 1992, big hair was officially out, and smooth, straighter hair was officially in. Jennifer Aniston rocked the style throughout the early ’90s, along with most other actresses in that period. If only she knew that just a few years later, she would be credited with pioneering one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, dubbed “The Rachel.”

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