When the weather is cold, and you don’t even want to think about going outside all you need is a cozy blanket and a cup of cocoa. And you know what would make things better and so much cooler? – A spacefighter blanket! Now you can stay warm at any time of your Jedi training.

That’s right, MJ’s Off The Hook Designs creates incredibly dope crochet blankets with some great crochet patterns, from mermaids and shark tails to foxes and owls.

Here are some photos of kids loving the blanket, courtesy of Diply. 


Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

If you are good at crocheting this would not be that challenging and you can even do it yourself. But if you are not, don’t worry. You can buy the blankets from MJ’s patterns on Raverly. The spaceship one is just $5.99. You can snuggle up in this fun blanket, that has one set of wings and an engine, while watching Star Wars.


Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Designs

Michelle Moore is the one who is behind MJ’s Off The Hook Designs. She was taught to knit at a young age by her nan, and she can still remember the small scarves she made for her Cabbage Patch dolls. She designed the spaceship blanket using two strands of bulky weight yarn with a Q hook.

She shared this photo of a fan enjoying the blanket and captioned it #MayThe4ThBeWithYou.


Facebook | MJ’s Off The Hook Design

And for all the adults out there wondering, yes they do have an adult sized version?

I believe it’s time to order mine.