What do you love most about the holidays? Maybe it’s family time, falling snow, or the beautiful lights… but it’s definitely not long lines and scary mall parking lots. Before we can all enjoy the holiday season, we inevitably suffer the stress and uncertainty of buying gifts for loved ones.

New fads, technology, and thousands of products make shopping for little ones a mess. Who can keep up? Luckily, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Crayola to make your shopping experience a holiday miracle!

This holiday season, inspire your kids to unwrap the gift of creativity! For over 100 years Crayola has been making products that inspire kids to be creative and express their individuality.

Before you parents turn Scroogey about holiday gift-giving, take a look at the list of Crayola gift ideas for children of every age:

Color & Erase Mat_H1

5. Color & Erase Mat  (3+)

Chances are your home is already littered with tinsel, ornaments, and maybe even a few tree branches. Why add to the mess?

With Crayola Color & Erase Mat™, your little artist will be inspired to create – and recreate! The 2’ by 3’ drawing surface is reusable and easily transportable, making it the perfect gift for little artists who like to create doodle after doodle with their friends! The mat rolls up easily with spots for the four washable ColorPOP™ markers and eraser so all of the pieces stay together.

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4. Magic Scene Creator (3+)

Wrap this gift for your tiny tot and unwrap possibility! Your kids can bring still images to life and create simple cartoon scenes using the Magic Scene Creator… and their imagination.

Let your kids create quick and easy cartoon scenes using Motion Cards. Just mix and match cards on the screen and watch as still pictures transform into amazing animated scenes!

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74-7240-0-200_Silly Scents_ Marker Maker_Fruit_H1

3. Silly Scents Marker Maker (6+)

Red and green may be classic holiday colors – but why stop there?

Your little ones can create custom Silly Scents Markers in minutes! Follow the guide to mix blueberry, pineapple, and cherry scented markers. Or mix and match to make your own for a scent-sational marker making experience.

Your kids just might design Santa’s suit using a different color… and a special scent too!
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2. Magic Light Brush And Drawing Pad (3+)

Spark your child’s imagination with the Color Wonder Mess-Free Magic Light Brush only work on the special Color Wonder paper. Your kids can get to their art without you worrying about your furniture. This set includes Color Wonder paints in six classic colors: orange, green, yellow, red, blue, and purple as well as 18 pages of blank Color Wonder paper. What better way to light up Rudolph’s nose than with the glow of the Crayola Magic Light Brush and Drawing Pad?

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1. Fashion Superstar (8+)

The perfect gift for your future fashion icon! With the Crayola Fashion Superstar, your little fashionista can design, style and build a virtual closet using thousands of fashion combinations.

Kids can create new fashions in the 62-page design book, and then color them in with the included 24 colored pencils and 18 SuperTip Markers. After they scan them in using the free app, they can complete challenges to earn rewards, unlock new features, and share with friends.

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With these ideas, you’re bound to outshine Santa Claus as the favored gift-giver in your home. Sorry Santa, you can try again next year!