You may not be a fan of the holidays or the snow, but if making crafts is your creative form of expression, this article will do you a favor. It’s that time of the year and even if you don’t like the holidays, you certainly like the shiny and colorful decorations all around you. Have you started decorating your Christmas tree? If no, make sure you check out this simple DIY project that will show you how to make the perfect snowflakes. It’s creative and gives a totally new perspective on snowflakes. Plus, your kids will love it, too!

Snowflakes are one of the most iconic symbols of winter. Usually, snowflake decorations are made from paper, but this DIY is a new deal for you.

Whether or not you have a designated “craft area” in your home, you probably have hot glue somewhere around. For this project, you will need a glue gun to create beautiful snowflakes, with a little extra sparkle for good measure.


Glue guns have the ability to use sticks that aren’t just plain glue. They can also use “sparkle sticks”, which is basically some glue with sparkles. For this project, it works miracles! DaveHax, the YouTube crafts channel, uses silver to really capture the look of a snowflake.

Please remember that you can also use regular glue to make these snowflakes, too.

What you’ll need:

Baking paper
Glue gun
Glitter glue sticks


If you do want sparkles, though, press the sparkle sticks through the glue gun as you would and draw your snowflakes onto a spread of baking paper. If you can’t think of a snowflake design, use your Google skills to find the perfect snowflakes. THen, you can print your favorite one and then put the computer paper under your baking paper to trace the image.


This is a great trick so you can get some more complex shapes! When you’re done, take tweezers to take off the wispy strands of glue. Also, use scissors to sharpen the edges if needed.

If you want to be able to hang your DIY snowflake, it’s a very simple process. Just hot glue a piece of ribbon or string from the tip of your snowflake while it’s still wet. Then, you can hang your snowflakes on windows, walls, or your Christmas tree.


Remember to leave the snowflake to dry for at least a couple of hours. Once it’s entirely firm, peel it off the baking paper. Good luck!

Watch the whole video here:

Here‘s what the White House Christmas decorations look like this year.